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Big Sean has found himself slipping into the role of motivational speaker at several points throughout his career. His YouTube channel is filled with inspiring vignettes about overcoming fear and negativity, and his songs are littered with messages of self-actualization.

This week, Sean took a moment to share another positive message when he noticed singer Bryson Tiller express discouragement about dealing with hate from fans on Twitter.

Acknowledging Tiller's frustration and reinforcing the idea that it's important to "focus on the love, never the hate," Sean responded with a tweet, saying, "No point in changing your frequency of joy n love to accommodate opinions or hate."

Big Sean has been dealing with plenty of negative feedback of his own following what many view as an underwhelming collaborative project with Metro Boomin, Double or Nothing.

He doesn't seem fazed by any negative reactions, however. In a recent interview alongside Metro Boomin, Sean explained, "Don’t nobody see the vision like we see it. I feel like our vision was to get this shit out here for the fans, to get it out here because there was a shortage of quality music out here, honesty."

You can listen to the project here and watch their performance of "Who's Stopping Me" on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon below.