Montreal has always been known for it's incredible music scene and being the festival capital of the country, but when it comes to hip-hop it's been much more celebrated for its producers (Kaytranada, High Klassified and Lunice, just to name a few) than it's artists. That's all changing, however, thanks to a new crop of rappers popping up and commanding attention, one of which is Speng Squire. The talented youngsters' debut Expressions of Now is chock-full of quick-witted rhymes, catchy hooks and an overall sonic maturity thanks to his work with executive producer DRTWRK. Despite the fast-paced nature of music and releases these days, Expressions is still a satisfying, well-rounded listen even seven months later, so give it a spin if you haven't heard it yet. Squire recently shared a photo on his Facebook page praising a meeting he had with Universal, as well as alluding to a recently-wrapped new project, so there's clearly lots of exciting things on the horizon for this young artist.

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