Baron Davis doesn’t play in the NBA anymore, but he’s still finding ways to keep himself plenty busy off the court. One of the ventures he started after stepping away from the NBA is called The Black Santa Company, which he founded in 2016. The company started things off by selling a variety of T-shirts, onesies, Christmas ornaments, and more. But in 2017, BD is taking the company to the next level by releasing a mixtape called Winter Wonderland just in time for the holiday season.

BD created The Black Santa Company in the hopes of "celebrating cultural diversity, the joy of giving, and the magic of good to help build a brighter, more colorful world," and this mixtape is designed to do just that. BD carefully curated the entire project himself and is using it to introduce the world to the holiday-themed characters that fall under the Black Santa Company’s umbrella, including Black Santa himself. The project features a collection of songs that sound fresher than your average Christmas carols and fall in line with BD’s mission to give back to the world after enjoying so much personal success over the years.

"In my life, especially given where I started, I have been unbelievably blessed with all I now have," he said in a statement regarding the mixtape. "My desire going forward is to be a BlackSanta each day and give just as much back as I have received. It’s my greatest dream to see that spirit, the true spirit of Christmas, inspire people all year round to give of themselves to better their block, their community, and possibly the entire planet."

You can stream the entire Winter Wonderland mixtape on Spotify below or download/stream it from the other music services here.