Azealia Banks has some words for Remy Ma…lots of words. If you happen to follow Azealia on Instagram, her stories feature has pretty much been one long rant dedicated to what increasingly sounds like a simmering, ongoing disagreement with Remy.

There’s clearly a lot of back and forth, seeing as how this seems to have been instigated by Remy posting private exchanges between herself and Azealia. The alleged Azealia texts (which Azealia seems to confirm) feature her asking Remy to get on her album, asking for advice about a potential labiaplasty, and soliciting Remy’s advice about appearing on Love & Hip-Hop.

“Of course I told you that you were one of my favorite emcees, and I meant that,” Azealia said. “I love your flow. But I don’t love you trying to call out bitches for being fake when you’re on a scripted, reality show. It just doesn’t make any sense.”

And that’s just the spicy talk that was ripped and captured for posterity since Instagram stories are specifically designed to disappear within 24 hours. The good folks at BrandNewHipHop ripped a few more choice highlights, which you can view below.

Lost amid all the beef was the fact that things started off innocently enough, with Azealia dropping some uncomfortable truths about ageism how women in rap are often pitted against each other.

“What I don’t understand about Hip Hop is this whole caste system of new versus old, real versus fake or whatever the fuck,” Azealia said, in an Instagram story that was at least 45 posts long. “Everybody jumps up, and they make these grandiose statements about Hip Hop. Especially when it comes to female rap. People are always trying to narrate this story that they don’t really contribute any art to. A lot of the time the people with the least art are trying to narrow this female art form down to this place that doesn’t exist where everybody is valued along a scale. Everybody is basing their value on numbers, visibility, and all this other shit. But none of that makes up for the fact that there’s no art.”

After some enlightened tea about artists compromising themselves for quantifiable relevance, Azealia got very specific about the possible subject of her posts. And that seems to be when this whole thing flew off the rails and devolved into a Mean Girls spinoff.

“You don’t want no smoke,” Azealia added. “Like come on, Remy. You’re already a fucking convict. That shit does not work anymore! You don’t get it. It is not 2000 anymore. The auntie? Let’s just hope that you get inspired to write something other than Nicki Minaj love letters and that wack-ass Plato O Plomo shit.”

Needless to say, this is a rather messy affair. But if you want to fall down the proverbial rabbit hole of artists beefing via social media, head over to Remy and Azealia’s respective Instagram feeds and sort things out for yourself.