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Being rich and famous is glamorous and all, but it certainly puts a target on your back when it comes to scams.

2 Chainz is allegedly the latest victim in a suspected fraud attempt that actually has him in the middle of a lawsuit, TMZ reports. Back in October, it was announced that the rapper was being sued for missing a few payments on his Rolls Royce Phantom. Highline Holding Group claimed Chainz had a balance of $18,317 that he owed them after they loaned the cash for him to cop the luxury vehicle. However, Chainz is calling BS on the entire situation. 

According to the rapper, Joshua Waddell of Highline Holdings Group texted him from an unknown number pretending to be his own lawyer. He says Waddell urged him to cough up payments to the auto broker to satisfy the supposedly unpaid loan. 2 Chainz claims Waddell then turned around and pulled the same move a few days later, only this time, he tried posing as the lawyer for Highline Holdings Group, claiming a lien was being issued on his high-priced ride. The alleged scam didn’t hold up as 2 Chainz remembered the phone number belonged to Waddell. 

Documents obtained by TMZ allegedly confirm that neither his lawyer or Waddell's lawyer claim to have sent the texts, so he believes Waddell is the mastermind behind this scheme. The rapper is now calling for the case to be dismissed.

2 Chainz released his fourth studio album Pretty Girls Like Trap Music​ back in June. The project boasted features from Jhené Aiko, Drake, Gucci Mane, Swae Lee, Migos, Nicki Minaj, Monica, Pharrell, Quavo, Travis Scott,​ and others.