Nelly’s first concert in Saudi Arabia next month will be a full-on sausage fest.

According to the Washington Post, the 42-year-old “Hot in Herre” rapper is set to perform in Jiddah with Algerian singer Cheb Khaled. And although the event is generating a lot of buzz and excitement for some, it has also become the source of anger and frustration for others.

The Post points out that the show will attended by only men, as women are not allowed to buy tickets. Saudia Arabia is known as a conservative nation that imposes strict rules on female citizens. It was only recently that Saudi women were given legal permission to drive and attend sporting events at major stadiums; however, this event underscores just how much Saudi women are restricted.

Several people expressed their disappoint in Nelly’s decision to perform at an event that bans women. Others in Saudi Arabia were more concerned about the rapper’s not-so-conservative lyrics as well as his recent arrest over an alleged rape.

According to the Post, Nelly will be the second major U.S. artist to perform in Saudi Arabia this year. Country star Toby Keith performed in the country’s capital in May at a male-only event. Keith was reportedly barred from singing about topics like alcohol, drugs or sex. It’s safe to assume Nelly will face the same restrictions, which might be a difficult task when you look at his biggest hits.

The concert, which will take place Dec. 14, is a part of a new initiative that aims to modernize and boost the country’s entertainment/leisure industry. Tickets to the event will reportedly cost up to $120.