Ty Senoj is far from your typical Toronto rapper, and it only takes one listen to understand why. In a city where brooding 808s and aquatic sonics are churned out on a daily basis, Senoj confidently goes against the grain with warped vocals, hyphy drum patterns, and heavily distorted synths. 

It's a combo that's already done him wonders—check out the Sean Leon-assisted "Wheels" or the ferocious "PsychOut" and see for yourself. In fact while you're at it, go stream the incredibly punky "Who Put It?", which landed in our roundup of 2016's best Canadian songs.

Despite this quality track record, Ty has yet to deliver a full project for his growing fanbase. Thankfully, this all changed last week with the drop of his first official release. Entitled, Metrosexual, the rapper's debut EP is chock-full of genre-crossing instrumentals, auto-tuned screams​, and a bunch of colourful bars.

Los Angeles-based artist, Marvel Alexander, snags Metrosexual's only feature midway through on a menacing, chime-laced track called, "Drones and Dome". The rest of the seven-track EP is bolstered with eclectic production from Ricky Anthony, Krinny, M1RZA, and frequent collaborator, Goldchain. And despite only dropping a few days ago, Ty has already teased a sequel on his Instagram account, writing "just when you thought all the fire was out, Metrosexual 2 on the way".

In the meantime, you can listen to Metrosexual 1 on Apple Music, Spotify and below via SoundCloud.