People who don't understand how award shows work and/or possess absolutely zero musical ability of their own would like you to know that they weren't stoked on Selena Gomez's performance at Sunday's American Music Awards. These people—let's call them "idiots"—took Gomez to task on social media for seemingly lip-syncing her way through a performance of her hit Marshmello collab "Wolves."

For the performance, Gomez was joined by Marshmello and a stage setup that's quite complementary to the track's official music video.

For people idiots who still get mad about people supposedly lip-syncing at second-tier award shows in the year 2017, however, the performance just didn't cut it:

So, um, let's point out a few should-be-obvious things here:

  • This is pop music.
  • It's the year 2017, squidbrains.
  • This was the goddamn American Music Awards.
  • Plenty of people you probably claim as favs have lip-synced in the past.
  • People often mistake backing tracks for lip-syncing.

Also, perhaps most notably:

  • Gomez revealed earlier this year that she had received a kidney transplant due to lupus.

Thankfully, some voices of reason broke through the nonsense Sunday night:

If you're so hell-bent on seeing a musical performance featuring nothing but live instruments and voices, head down to your local bar tonight and catch whatever shitty cover band with even shittier facial hair happens to be there pummeling their way through severely misguided Pearl Jam covers.