Brixton native Joe Hertz releases his highly anticipated EP, night/daze, after dropping singles such as "Goodbye Kisses" and "One Another". With features coming from the likes of Jamie Vickery, Jamie Isaac, Tom Aspaul, Barney Artist and Pip Millett among others, he proves himself to be an act with a tastemaker eye, putting together a project that oozes both talent and creativity in abundance. Known for his smooth soul-filled instrumentals, with alluring R&B layers and with early inspirations stemming from teenage experiences at drum & bass raves, glitchy electronic music in video games, and the legendary behind-the-scene producers, Timbaland and J Dilla, Joe Hertz has managed to form his own signature style which is only going to get bigger and bigger.

Speaking on the EP he told Complex UK, "Bringing a UK feel to R&B is what I've found myself exploring since Playing For You last year, and this body of work is like a collection of points along that journey. You can probably hear some classic oversea's influences, but humbly I’d like to see it in terms of a lineage of UK electronic music, and is as much about the chemistry I get in the studio with the people I collaborate with as anything. I’m lucky to have found a bunch talented people who wanted to come by the studio and work on this with me. Looking forward to getting it out there and it having it’s own life, and not just sat on my hard drive."