IAMDDB is the future.

The rapping singer-songwriter from Manchester has been causing a stir for the past year with her trap-licked R&B and, so far, "Shade"which she released only in August of this year, has had the biggest receptionmainly for its everyday life tales and hazy sonics. Already a club spinner, IAMDDB decided she wanted to ramp it up a bit more, recruiting Manchester remix master CHIMPO to bless "Shade" with some early 2000s grime stabs and ravey synths.

"I was gassed when D asked me to have a go remixing this tune," says CHIMPO. "I love this song, so it was a buzz to put my spin on it. This collab is long overdue too, as we're literally from the same musical family. The original is so sick there's nothing I could do to add to it being what it is, so I just put it in a totally different format and made it into an old-school grime tune. Love to Complex for hosting it and love to D for shouting me to flip it."

"Shade" appears on IAMDDB's latest project, 'Hoodrich Vol. 3'. Check it out here.