Franc Moody are a rising West London collective known for their immersive live shows and space-disco joints. The collective’s DIY approach and background running infamous warehouse parties in Tottenham inspired them to combine a raw, raucous party feel, with the slick and groove-based musicianship of their heroes.

In preparation for their next headline show at Oslo, London on February 28 2018, the group return with a funk-driven track entitled "Pheromones", which channels the disco-funk feels of the past and places them firmly into the present, marking Franc Moody out as distinctive producers in the process.

Speaking to Complex via email, they had this to say about the song: "Pheromones is about attraction and reaction: the subconscious forces that stir just beneath the surface. We came at it trying to combine the raw funk of the likes of Chaka Khan and  George Clinton with the energy you get on a modern dance floor when people are intoxicated by a serious groove. Using a family string quartet, a grand piano and a knackered guitar amp, to salt shakers and hot sauce bottles, the track has grown out of Franc Moody's  varied and live DIY production style. Having had the chance to play it live with the band at our last show, and seen everyone move to it, we are super excited to share the record with you all."

The track is available to listen to below, as well as tickets for their live show in order to get the ultimate Franc Moody experience.