For some strange reason, Lil B decided to go off on Post Malone in a series of tweets that he sent out in early October. While praising some of the white people who have helped push hip-hop culture forward, like the Beastie Boys, Mac Miller, and Eminem, Lil B uncharacteristically let off a few shots at Post Malone. He seemed to single him out with this tweet in particular.

Given Lil B’s propensity for being as positive as possible, Post Malone responded to the tweet about him by naturally assuming that someone other than Lil B must have sent it. He wrote, "this is not lil b," in his response on Twitter. He also added: "Die."

But Lil B wrote back and told Post Malone that it was, in fact, him manning his Twitter account.

He also sent out several other disparaging, since-deleted tweets about Post Malone.

"This is Lil B and fuck post Malone," one said. "u ain’t hip hop bitch u don’t even rap keep sucking platinum rich dick fake ass Rick Rubin."

Another said: "Post Malone just mad cuz I no he made country western music not hip hop it’s ok brother! We support u anyway!!! U platinum! Good job"

You can go here to read all of the deleted tweets Lil B directed at Post Malone. Lil B ended things by saying that, while his original tweet about Post Malone was meant to be a joke, he was insulted by Post Malone telling him to "die."

Since then, things have quieted down between the two, but it still sounds like, almost a month later, Post Malone is confused about why Lil B decided to go after him. He sat down for an interview on The Dana Cortez Show in Austin, Texas this week, and when he was asked about Lil B’s tweets, he said he honestly wasn’t sure what they were all about. 

"I don’t know what happened because Lil B has always had nothing but nice things to say," Post Malone said at about the 1:40 mark of the clip above. "So it’s a mystery whether he’s hacked or he’s not. But Lil B is such a positive dude and I don’t think he would really talk smack. It was very out of character."

It was very out of character for Lil B to say some of the things he said about Post Malone. But at the same time, some of the tweets he sent out about him are still up, which suggests he wasn't hacked. So it remains a mystery as to why he decided to go after Post Malone, if that is, in fact, what happened.