EDM duo Once a Tree's brand new album, Phoenix, is finally here to stream. The album comes after the duo has seen a strong showing in 2017, which included the release of their popular video for the song "Breakdown." "We were in a pretty dark place at the beginning of this year. Loss and life had hit us hard. And some of the songs come from that head space," the duo told Complex about the album. "But then there are also songs on the album that are about facing the hard times head on, moving past the sadness and leaving it where it belongs." 

The album boasts 11 brand new songs from the duo, which includes a steady balance of different sounds and versatility. "The writing process was very different with every song on the album. And emotionally, physically and mentally the songs are coming from different places," they said. "But it goes through a wave of dealing with really heavy emotions and then facing our demons/finding out strength in those painful experiences and then some lighter tracks as well.

You can stream the album in full below. 

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