In what is probably an excellent example of knowing your audience, "90s country star" Neal McCoy has penned a tune that airs his disagreements with athletes who kneel during the national anthem. The song, which is titled "Take a Knee My Ass," was recently unveiled as McCoy played a live show in Branson, Missouri.

As relayed by The Houston Chronicle, the Texas-born performer says he felt compelled to write it after a number of NFL players protested prior to their games, though a cynic might be inclined to think he's just trying to capitalize on misguided outrage. Furthermore, McCoy told KYTX-TV that the track was directly related to Colin Kaepernick's protests, though that was probably just common sense that didn't need to be confirmed.

McCoy says he understands the cause that Kaepernick was kneeling for, but added that he believes there's a different way to protest. No suggestions were given in the song, but I wasn't listening real closely either.

Now I'm no music critic, but it does earnestly sound like it's a few joke lines away from being passable as something you'd hear in either Family Guy or maybe South Park. Then again, don't let me influence you. If you want (can't stress that enough) you can add yourself to the 3.8 million people who've watched this Facebook video of McCoy singing it at a November 8 concert, or you can listen to it above.