Following a recent reunion concert and rumors of an impending Drake collaboration, everyone is talking about the Diplomats. So it's only natural that a key member of the crew, JR Writer, would choose now to make a comeback.

JR Writer had hit songs like "Bird Call," but was mostly known for his seemingly endless supply of crazy bars. He has been relatively quiet since spending much of 2014-15 behind bars, but now the Dominican Prince is back with a new project called #iREALLYRAP, which comes out on Nov. 30. Today, Complex premieres the project's first video, "Losing It," which you can see above.

In addition, Writer is sharing the album cover here for the very first time. It features a drawing of the rapper surrounded by a bunch of today's stars, including Danny Brown, Lil Pump, Ugly God, XXXTentacion, and more. 

Writer cover crop
Image courtesy of artist

"I look around at my competition.. I see addicts, purses, painted nails, spandex.. this is the state of rap I'm competing with," Writer told Complex via email. "But I ain't here to knock nobody hustle.. shit get ya money how you get it!.. but what I am gon do is, is give y'all what y'all want. What y'all been missing.... So On Nov. 30.. I Remind y'all what grown man bars sound like. what hip hop sound like. One things for sure...this is what I was born to do." 

For more about Writer and the project, you can watch a trailer for #iREALLYRAP below.