Ever since Everyday Struggle, our hip-hop debate show with Joe Budden, DJ Akademiks and Nadeska, hit YouTube, there have been a number of capital-M Moments to hit the set. Without a doubt, one of the most talked about of the year was when Lil Yachty joined the crew to hash out his differences with Joe Budden, which turned into a conversation about happiness.

While things got heated on the set (and behind the scenes), things appeared to have simmered down... that is until Lil Yachty rocked a "Fuck Joe Budden" hoodie on stage earlier this month.

Yachty later explained that a fan threw the hoodie on stage, so he just decided to put it on, but it didn't matter; it sparked that playful energy in Joe, who decided to capitalize on the sentiment (which we no doubt imagine people throw at him on the regular online), creating his OWN "Fuck Joe Budden" gear.

Fucking genius, if you ask me. The above image, which features a huge middle finger with "Joe Budden" plastered across it, is available for pre-sale via his website right now on a T-shirt ($30) or hoodie ($50); there's also a gray "FUCK JOE BUDDEN" T-shirt that's available now as well.

Can't front; if you rock with Joey and want to throw it in people's faces, you can cop the gear, but if you DON'T rock with Joey, you can wear the gear with pride. Either way, Budden wins. Check and mate.