What is Ja Rule doing these days? I mean, he's obviously trying to figure out how to skirt the Fyre Festival fuckery, but we're not hearing loads of new music from him. He's gotta have a bunch of "Put It on Me" money sitting around, and we imagine he can tour tracks from his 10(!) studio albums.. but we've also not received an album from him since 2012. What the fuck is he doing?

Based on a tweet spotted earlier today, Ja's just outchea trying to holler at Banksy.

If anyone knows Banksy tell him I’m looking for him thanks...

— Ja Rule (@Ruleyork) November 16, 2017

If it were only that easy, Ja. As many of you know, Banksy's identity has been the source of mystery for about as long as the acclaimed artist has showcased his work. Late last year, people thought he was spotted in Melbourne, while others think he's Robert Del Naja from Massive Attack. Either way, it's hilarious to think that Ja would think it'd be as simple as chucking a tweet into the ether, and with that hilarity came the roasts.

He said meet at Fire Island.

— Adriel Hampton🌹 (@adrielhampton) November 16, 2017

Ja, Banksy's not always there when you call but he's always on time.

— Brandi Wants A New Senator; Can Write Speeches (@ItsTheBrandi) November 16, 2017

Hey Banksy. Rule would like you to Holla Holla. pic.twitter.com/Og6wGpuimh

— CGI GHOST 🇵🇷 (@DrBloodmoney) November 16, 2017


— s. (@kobrayashi) November 16, 2017

What's interesting is that this isn't the first time Ja Rule has referenced Banksy. Back in November of 2013, he shared an image of Banksy's "New York Accent" piece on Instagram.

He also reference Banksy, among other artists, on the intro to his last album, 2012's PIL2, on the opening track "Intro / F*ck Fame."

"I'm what you never saw, something you never seen," Rule says towards the end of his verse. "You mother fuckers can't see me; Banksy"

​While we've not cracked the case on why Ja might be looking for Banksy, it looks like he's trying to step his love for the artist's work the fuck up. Hopefully it isn't for some kind of Fyre Festival 2 shit.