Though it has not been confirmed by Atlantic Records, which some might argue is important since they'd be the ones cutting the check, Gucci Mane tweeted out that he signed an extension with the label on Tuesday worth $10 million. 

He then followed that up with a picture of the Million Dollar Man, wrestler Ted DiBiase:

As pointed out by Rap-Up, Gucci seemed to have called his shot with this massive dollar figure in a tweet that he tossed out a few weeks ago:

Also, before that (as in, a month-and-a-half ago) Gucci stated that in 2018 he was "going 100 percent independent and dropping a mixtape ever other day.” Maybe this was a negotiating tactic, maybe it was a change of heart, or maybe it was...I don't know, some third thing you can come up with:

In the past 16 months, Gucci has dropped three studio albums with Atlantic: Everybody Looking, The Return of East Atlanta Santa and Mr. Davis. In more personal news, he also recently got married—hence the reason he said he wanted $10 million for his honeymoon. You can check out what went on at his wedding here.