In a post made to Tumblr, Frank Ocean wrote: "'Well! I made the album before 30! I just ain't put that bitch out!' - Quotes from an Interview I haven't given haha." 

The artist reportedly sent out a tweet a few years back saying that he would have five albums before reaching 30-years-old. Ocean turned thirty back in October. 

So far, Frank has released the projects Nostalgia, Ultra, Channel Orange, Blonde, and Endless, though the first of those can be classified as a mixtape and Endless is technically a visual album. That's four. 

Just hours before Frank posted the note, he made the visual album Endless available for purchase on vinyl ($35), CD/DVD ($25), and VHS ($17.99). There's also two double-sided posters you can cop for $30 each. 

Image via Frank Ocean

Hopefully this new album actually exists and will be released soon. Let's not forget how long it took for us to get the follow-up(s) to Channel Orange and how dates set for a release came and went to the dismay and anger of fans. 

We'll update as more information becomes available.