On Nov. 11, 1997, Destiny’s Child released their debut single “No, No, No,” performed by the original members Beyoncé, Kelly, LaTivia, and LeToya. Two decades, several lineup changes, and many hits later, the song is still considered a favorite among fans. Even the Wyclef-assisted sequel continues to receive a lot of love.

In celebration of the song's 20th anniversary, Tidal’s editorial director Elliott Wilson has invited subscribers to revisit the two-part R&B classic on the streaming service’s website. There, fans can enjoy the music videos for “No, No, No” as well as “No, No, No, Part 2.”

In a 2013 interview with Radio.com, Kelly spoke about the track’s sequel and how it was the first Destiny’s Child song she heard play on the radio.

“We were like, ‘Oh my God, Oh my God!’” she said. “We started running around the courtyard at Solange’s school and she hops out of the school and is like, ‘Why are y’all embarrassing me?’” Once they explained what was happening, Solange started running around the courtyard, too. “It was beautiful moment,” Rowland said. “We were just really happy.”

Kelly and LaTivia acknowledged the song’s 20th anniversary on social media. Beyoncé celebrated by transforming the main page of her official website to include the “No, No, No” cover art, music video gifs, and throwback photos.

​Of course, fans also celebrated the anniversary on Twitter.