Summer might be long gone but Fiji of Toronto's CMDWN has decided to drop a heater that already has us looking forward to warmer days. "The Way She Move" takes a departure from the turnt up, trap sound that has made CMDWN a club and underground favourite in their home city, and gives Fiji, the self-proclaimed "hook god," a dancier beat to flow over. 

Fiji also enlist's his friend Lil Yachty for a feature on the track, with the video depicting the fellas having some fun surrounded by a bevy of babes at an LA mansion, as well as at notorious Toronto Queen West hotspot Apt 200. Also making cameos in the video are fellow CMDWN member Ca$tro Guapo and Derek Wise of XO and 88Glam. 

"The Way She Move" dropped simultaneously with Ca$tro's "Die In Supreme," which you can hear below. Both tracks are from the forthcoming ATLANADA 2 which is, according to the CMDWN Soundcloud, "otw." Keep an eye out for that.