Let's face it, award shows can get pretty tedious. And while you may be interested to see whether your favorite entertainer/artist wins or not, it's also natural to wonder if you should be concerned with who takes home a completely subjective and artificial media created trophy for some specialized category you couldn't give a crap about. That being said, they can also have moments that make for interesting Monday morning conversation (especially in relation to the weather or, like, what you did over the weekend).

On ABC on Sunday night, the 2017 American Music Awards were aired. So whether you watched and wanted to read a recap, or forgot to set your DVR or (wisely) figured you'd just find an internet summary of the show, here are the biggest moments (which I admit are also subjective) from the most recent edition of the annual night of AMAs action.

Tracee Ellis Ross' Intro:

On the night that her mom took home a Lifetime Achievement Award (more on that as you scroll) Black-ish's Tracee Ellis Ross hosted the event. Check out a chunk of her opening above, and keep in mind that emceeing an event where you have to abide by ABC's network standards (while also having to refrain from going too hard at celebrities) is an extremely difficult task for anybody.

The Latest Trailer For Ava DuVernay's  'A Wrinkle in Time' Dropped

Just over 48 hours after the filmmaker teased it from her Twitter account on Friday, the new two-and-a-half minute long trailer for Ava DuVernay's Wrinkle in Time was premiered. Catch the sci-fi fantasy when it completes its transition from book to movie theaters on March 9. But, until then, check out the most recently released trailer above.

Selena Gomez and Marshmello Performed "Wolves"

Selena Gomez and Marshmello (who's off to the side on drums) performed their newest single "Wolves." The 2017 AMAs rendition marked the first televised performance of the year for Gomez. Watch it above.

Christina Aguilera Paid Tribute to Whitney Houston

November 25 will mark the 25th anniversary of The Bodyguard, which was apparently enough to justify paying tribute to the late Whitney Houston by singing the most iconic hit from that soundtrack "I Will Always Love You." As you can see from the big bold letters a few inches up, Christina Aguilera was given those extremely big shoes to fill. And while the reaction to her performance was mixed, hopefully those clips above can help you make your own judgment without being swayed by social media. If they don't work, just go with what your timeline says.


Pink performed "Beautiful Trauma," and she put a lot of faith in some wires to do so. Thankfully the Monday morning headlines aren't about her plummeting 40 stories, but also she didn't risk her life scaling the local Marriott so you can not watch a two-minute clip on an internet rundown the day afterward! Unless Youtube pulled it already, check it out.

South Korean Boy Band BTS Performance

Seven-man South Korean boy band BTS put together a performance that you probably couldn't understand, but judging by the reaction of the Microsoft Theater crowd (who went undeniably bonkers) it didn't matter. I don't know if NSYNC or The Backstreet Boys ever got a reception like that in Seoul (because I don't know if they ever played there and also don't care) but I highly doubt they ever topped that. Check it out above.

Diana Ross Received the Lifetime Achievement Award

The singer/songwriter/producer/former leader of The Supremes took home a Lifetime Achievement Award for her lifetime of achievement, getting some sweet words from the Obamas to top it all off.

Honestly, if that doesn't qualify you to make a rundown of the night's biggest moments, then what the hell does? Just like I think I've written on every single one of these even though you know how a freakin' play button works, check it out above.