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As a journalist person who writes words for a website to keep the lights on, you have to become a sleuth. With Photoshop masters springing up from every corner of the world, it's easy to get caught out there going absolutely ham on some fraudulent shit. Take Tyrese, for example.

While on Instagram promoting his upcoming rap album Identity Theft (which he says will "change hip-hop," whatever that means), Tyrese decided to clap HARD on an obviously-Photoshopped picture of Yung Joc with what appeared to be someone's auntie's orange-ish wig on.

"Who's responsible for nighas [sic] getting a pass for letting this shit go down in hip hop," Tyrese asked. "How did the OG's in this game let this go? This is the new image of hip hop ..? Why is this ok..??" Tyrese then proceeded to alert Ice Cube, Busta Rhymes, Run DMC, Jadakiss and others that he vows to "HONOR the culture and disrepect it on any level with what I'm about to do." Not only does that not make sense (why would you be HONORing the game while also vowing to "disrespect it on any level"), but again, it's an obvious fake photo.

I can understand why Tyrese may have thought it was real, though; last summer, Yung Joc debuted a hairstyle that got roasted all across your timelines, although he did say that he might have thrown some gas on the flames. Back in September, Joc took to the 'gram to explain that viral photo of him wearing a dress, which he called "internet manipulation" while also pointing out that "It's just a thread. It's just some shit a man made. It's a thread. It's nothing. Now, if you give me a shield and a spear and put a goddamn leather, metal belt around my waist, then I might look like a motherfucking Roman, 300, Sparta. But that's another case. All I'mma say is, quit being so judgmental, people. It's threads."

Anyways, Joc ended up seeing Tyrese going ham on this photo with the Trump-hued wig on and instead of going in on him, Joc handled things with a little more tact.

Leading by example, Joc said, "Tyrese, I thought more of you, bro. With all of your success, your accolades, your accomplishments. From one black man to another, I don’t think you have to take shots at me to promote your album. I think you’re successful enough that you should just be promoting yourself." His Instagram post also contained the #PrayforTyrese hashtag.

Keep in mind, Tyrese has also been barking up the Rock's tree for going ahead with his Fast & Furious spin-off. Maybe Black Ty should dedicate his time to crafting bars against these people than jumping out the window over an image on the internet. But whatever, #doyou.