If you thought the Young Thug cheating drama was anywhere near over, you have another thing coming. In case you're not up to speed—I'm sure you're very busy, so nobody would judge you for not being up on this incredibly world-affecting development—Thugger and his fiancée Jerrika Karlae are engaged to be wed in holy matrimony. But earlier this week, Jerrika found evidence on Thug's phone that seemed to indicate he was being unfaithful. 

Even with Jerrika throwing a heap of shade via social media, including an Instagram post that included the hashtag #single, Thug didn't seem to be taking her too seriously, and posted a photo on Instagram of himself with the caption, "Y cheat when u can creep.."

Well folks, that was enough for Jerrika to tweet that she was "back on the market":

I'm definitely back on the market tho 💋

— Jerrika Karlae (@MissJerrikaK) October 4, 2017

After that, Thug hopped on his Instagram Story Thursday to publicly plead to Jerrika to take him back. Via Baller Alert:

"Babe, give me a chance, I promise I won’t mess up no more," Thug said. "Everybody tell her to give me one chance. Tell her to give me one more chance and I promise I won’t mess up ever again. I promise." 

But then, the clip continues, a flip switches, and he transitions from being apologetic to on the defensive: "It wasn’t even my fault. Like six niggas be using that phone, man. All that stuff, man. It wasn't even my phone, you tripping. You crazy."

That shift was apparently a sign that his please baby pleas were over. Thug changed his tune overnight, and tweeted the following early Friday morning in response to Jerrika's claim to being "back on the market":

What market?? Bitch u goin die OnGod https://t.co/7ZJLuhMVSC

— Young Thug ひ (@youngthug) October 6, 2017

"What market?? Bitch u goin die OnGod," he tweeted.

Ah, love. I've heard it makes you do crazy things, like threaten the love of your life on the internet. The tweet is still up, so it appears he's (hopefully) joking, but probably not the best way to handle this situation.

Jerrika, meanwhile, is happily retweeting fan love on Twitter, and has shut off the comments on her Instagram.

Tune in next time for the next installment of Thug Love.