Waka Flocka Flame stopped by the Hot 97 studio Wednesday to chop it up about, well, damn near everything. Flocka touched on politics, veganism, the ESPN controversy, the shittiness of American, the importance of purified water, his relationship with Gucci Mane, and (so much) more during the nearly 40-minute discussion.

After discussing why he felt he and Gucci should be classified as "internet rappers" earlier in the interview, Flocka—asked again about his relationship with Guwop—hopefully shut down future questions on the topic for good. "That question shouldn't even be a question or topic," he said at around the 18:25 mark in the video above. "The question should be you done seen two grimy, dirty n****s come up and be happy. That should be your story. No matter how much they been through, just to see me and Gucci alive and looking healthy and still active and still moving. That's a blessing."

Flocka added that he and Gucci are both happy in their lives now, and questions about their relationship are likely designed to create tension. "For anybody to even try to ask me, like, 'Yo, how y'all doing?' It's like what are you trying to create a hate out of me or something?" he said. "It's impossible. That n**** is happy, bro. For me, I personally know what he come from, I know his whole background and childhood life. [He should] be smiling. You feel what I'm trying to say? To walk through hell in gasoline boots, you should be smiling. You dig what I'm saying? More power to him. He finna get married, he got an album coming out. God bless you."

Flocka also shared his thoughts on the ongoing national anthem protests, as well as his disgust at ESPN for their decision to suspend Jemele Hill for simply daring to have an opinion. "I'd be double-kneeling," Flocka said around the 21:50 mark when asked what he'd do if he were in the NFL. Forcing players to stand, Flocka added, is like telling someone to "accept crack in your neighborhood."

As for the Hill suspension, Flocka revealed it inspired him to make a change in his viewing habits. "That shit made me delete my ESPN app," he said. "That shit is foul."

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