About a month after the debut of his project DEADSTAR and less than a month before he takes the stage at ComplexCon, Florida's own Smokepurpp drops the video for "Krispy Kreme," which is directed by Orlando and YGA.

The clip finds the 19-year-old getting right at the Gucci store while taking a crispy bright yellow Lambo for a spin, hitting donuts while also eating donuts. You know how it goes.

When asked about the track, Smokepurpp describes it as a happy accident: “We actually made the beat by accident. The computer started glitching out, but it sounded fire… so we just went with it! The sound just catches your attention right away, like, 'shit… what the fuck is that? Turn it up!!!'"

Sometimes the best shit comes out of the most random places. Check out the full video for "Krispy Kreme" up above, and make sure you have your ComplexCon tickets copped so you can possibly see Smokepurpp perform the track live.