Having already been mentioned as one of our Artists To Watch in 2017, Taliwhoah is not disappointing. Sporting a combination of classicist vocals and a high-end, mesmeric and serpentine production that reeks of class, new track "Sweetest Escape" presents Taliwhoah's unique form of heavy yet ethereal comedown music.

As always with her music, a loving sentiment runs parallel to a deep vein of lustful intent. Speaking on the song, she explained to Complex that it's "about that person, place or thing which provides an escape route from all the distractions in the world. There's been many times in my life that I've had to find a way to escape in order to preserve my peace of mind, and my happinessto protect my sanity even. I hope that when others listen, they too can find their sweetest escape."

You can find out by pressing play below.