Over the course of 2017, Maryland artist Nafets has frequently entered conversations of emerging talents, and last month's "Jones" only highlighted this once more. Over glowing keys and crisp claps, beneath the record's bright exterior lays a message on "not losing track of who you are and where you come from," revealed the 21-year old.

Today, Nafets drops The Death Of Mr Ramen, his new EP, and he went on to tell Complex: "Mr Ramen was an old stage name I used about a year ago. At the time, I focused on being mysterious and detached as a way to not have to confront my own thoughts and feelings in my writing. For me, this EP is an attempt to shed that persona and create something new, vulnerable and genuine."

Through introspective rap and soul, over diverse soundscapes, Nafets welcomes you into his journey of self-discovery. Stream the EP below.