A couple of weeks ago, grime producer and DJ Grandmixxer unveiled his brand new label South London Space Agency and the label's first release, the eponymous instrumental. The announcement also came with news that two vocal versions would be on their way: one from Notts MC Mez and the other from YGG sprayer PK. Today, we're bringing you the exclusive first listen of PK's version. The instrumental, as you can hear, is soaked in grime history and PK's vocal takes that history and gives it a 2017 flow with his immediately recognisable punchlines and blink-and-you-miss-it wordplay. 

After making such a strong start with his debut release, we caught up with Grandmixxer to talk about putting plans into practice, having a strong vision and where he sees the label's future.

Talk us through your aims for SLSA. Will it just be grime?

SLSA exists primarily to release grime but I will be venturing into other things as I see fit according to my vision and the vision of other great people around me. At present, I don't want to put any limitations on the label but grime is the sound that I love and that I'm producing currently and that other artists on the label are producing. SLSA will always produce and release music that will exist on the dancefloor.

What do you look for when selecting music to release on SLSA?

I'm not currently looking for any music. Most of the music on SLSA is produced by me and Jeb1 and tailored to a specific sound. I currently have a preference for Triton-based instrumentals which form the foundation of the sound. 

What are some of the labels that inspired you to start your own?

Jahmek The World, Dump Valve, Oilgang, Butterz to mention a few. I can name many labels that produced great music in the early 2000s. All of these labels have a great back catalogue of vinyl which I have in my personal collection. 

You've got Mez and PK each vocaling the track, why do you love working with them both so much?

Mez and PK are currently the most dynamic MCs in the UK. I've logged in countless radio hours and performance time with these guys so I know fully what they are capable of so it was a natural selection for these guys to be in on the first release. 

What else can you tell us about what you've got coming up on SLSA?

I'm very excited about the music that Jeb1 is currently producing. I’m very excited to be able to release my own music on my label but even more excited to release Jeb1's instrumentals and our collaborations. My tune "Screaming" has been doing the rounds on the underground and I'm looking forward to releasing it. I'm also working hard on creating future content with MCs and you will see some Grandmixxer collaborations, much more vocal work produced and released by SLSA next year. 

Where do you see SLSA in five years?

I see SLSA in five years as one of the pillars of underground music in the UK. I'd also love to see us as an example of how underground music can be well-produced and pushed in a major way including internationally. I would love to still be working with the same producers and MCs starting off with us in five years—that's very important to me. 

"SLSA" is out November 10 on South London Space Agency on 12" and digital. "SLSA" launches at Mick's Garage on November 11. Head here for tickets and more info.