It's been just over 20 years since Matthew Puffett started producing music as Future Beat Alliance. Back in 1996, the often-criticised label of 'future beats' existed only on the sleeve of an Afrika Bambaataa record and it was from there that Puffett took his moniker. Now, in 2017, FBA is taking a look back across the years and the various shades of techno he's explored for a collected retrospective, FBA21: Collected Works 1996-2017, going back as far as those very first releases on the now-defunct Void Recordings, right through to the present day — with a couple of unreleased thumpers included for good measure. In advance of the compilation's release on November 3, we've got one such unreleased track right here for you. As it turns out, "Beginner" is aptly-titled and the ideal place to start for those unfamiliar with the producer.