YouLondon wordsmith Emmanuel Speaks has spent the last month piecing together a three-part series entitled The Composer. A coming of age story, centered on the mental health and enlightenment journey of its protagonist, Emmanuel weaves rapped verses around haunting production with a standout feature from TE Dness on Part 1, and a tragic twist in the tale occurring on the sequel.

Today, Emmanuel drops the final installment, bringing the circle to a close on "Ojuelegba" (Part 3). As the soothing Bekah Brown vocal opens out the track, lifted from the well-known Wizkid chorus, Emmanuel Speaks rhymes on his familial history, culture, and upbringing. Speaking to the young poet on pulling off the ambitious project, he told Complex: "As short on time as we were to make this happen, everyone involved really came together and what we ended up with is a testament to thorough planning, with a purpose."