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Singer-songwriter Diamant Ballou is releasing the second volume of her Dual-Tape series consisting of two tracks, "Wonderboy" (A-side) and "Black Belle" (B-side). Born in Croydon, but raised in East London and Essex, Diamont expresses raw emotion and sincerity with her vocal prowess and poetic lyricism.

Speaking on the project, she told Complex that it's a narrative she created, "inspired by traditional West African folk-tales blended with my own experiences of romantic love in today's society. I wanted to tell a love story and explore my feelings towards innocent infatuation evolving into an experience that forces you to begin the process of accepting your flaws in order to accept the flaws of people you are connected to intimately."

Blending the richer and ethereal elements of R&B and afro-soul with the idiosyncratic streak of electronic music, the production was handled by CHUCK XXV and Young Mergs. Stream the set exclusively below.