TMZ is reporting that the guy seen going down on Cardi B on the cover of her Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 1 mixtape is suing the rapper, arguing that he never posed for the photo or allowed her to use his image in such a manner. Kevin Brophy claims that he's 100 percent certain that the man on the cover art is supposed to be him based on the distinct back tattoos that look like the ink he's had for a decade. 

Brophy says he only became aware of the existence of the photo when a friend asked him how crazy it was that he's "cunnilinging [sic] this rapper called Cardi B." To up the sympathy factor, Brophy says his pre-K son has been constantly bringing up the image after finding out about it. The child has supposedly been asking  what his father is doing and who the woman in the photo is.  

Brophy claims he has never met with Cardi B or spoke to her people. He's suing her and her managers for $5 million. Meanwhile, we're still trying figure out how receiving millions of dollars from Cardi will help him deal with the alleged constant barrage of questions from his child?