With OVO season well under way, Majid Jordan has just released their newest single, “Body Talk.” It is now available for download nearly anywhere you listen to your tunes, including Apple Music, Spotify, and iTunes.

The single had been heavily teased this week by Beats 1, and it was even apparently named Zane Lowe’s “World Record.”

As promised, the track sounds like a proper “singalong ‘Body Talk’ song” as Jordan Ullman described it. The infectious hook is bound to get stuck in your head soon enough: “I wanna lay you down/I wanna let you know/Baby we don’t, we don’t need words/Let your body talk/Baby don’t speak let your body talk.” You can listen to it above.

"Body Talk" is the latest release from the Toronto pair and it comes just days before Majid Jordan's new album, The Space Between, which is set to drop on Oct. 27. The pair announced their sophomore album a few weeks ago, also revealing the names of its 13 tracks. Earlier this month the pair released "My Imagination," a collab with Dvsn. They also previously released "Phases" and "One I Want" with Partynextdoor.