On Friday afternoon Lupe Fiasco stated that, though "he doesn't make the best music and never will," he does believe that he's an all-time great lyricist who could end up as the all-time great lyricist when he hangs his mic up for good. That prognostication came at the end of a roughly 15-20 tweet-long thread, which the rapper began by stating that the 2007 single "Dumb It Down" was originally supposed to be called "Space Traveling."

From there he went on to talk about a career highlight, which came about when he met Jay Z:

From there he transitioned into his personal take on his career:

Which brought him to the topic of his lyrics/journalists:

He capped it with this prediction:

Before tweeting out a few more times on the subject, including some C/C+ fan photoshops:

We'll see if Lupe will be known as the greatest when the dust settles, but he does have some tough competiton.