Kiana Ledé may be best known for her prominent role on MTV's Scream (as Zoe Vaughn), but the multitalented actress and singer has also been building up her musical reps for sometime now.

The 20-year-old artist out of Phoenix, Arizona previously released a handful of EPs, landed a record deal with Republic, and has been steadily shaping her own sound as evidenced by her latest single "One of Them Days." Today, she follows that up with "Fairplay," an upbeat performance that doubles as a warning shot for those who can't stay faithful in a relationship.

"I wrote this song right after a messy breakup that ended with infidelity on his part," Ledé explained to Complex via email. "I remember thinking, 'Fuck, I did everything I could to make this work and he just went and threw it all away.' I took it as a sign to be on my boss shit and exercise my sexual freedom."

She added: "We all know there is this double standard when it comes to men and women and their body counts. That's BS! If you're a cheater, you're a cheater. But if you're a single man or woman just trying to have a good time with whoever you may please, do it. There's no shame in living your life!"

Check out "Fairplay" above and grab the song when it arrives on iTunes Friday (Oct. 27).