The Breakfast Club really made us earn the chance to hear Migos' first official Culture II single Friday morning. Instead of just dropping it on the world with the usual pomp and circumstance, we had to sit through an interview with this guy first:

That's Carl Lentz, pastor of the Hillsong Church location in New York City and friend of Justin Bieber. Lentz' influence on Bieber's career has been speculated about and mocked, including during a hilarious recent interview with noted Bieber critic Marilyn Manson in which Hillsong was described as "some sort of sexual religious cult" headed by "the Asian version of Dave Navarro, apparently."

Lentz, sadly, did not address Manson's commentary during his Breakfast Club chat Friday. However, he did speak on those influence speculations, specifically the apparent lack thereof regarding Bieber's recent tour cancelation."People who speculate like that don't have any context of what it means to have a pastor or a friend and Justin made his own calls," Lentz said around the 26:30 mark in the video up top. "He made his own decisions. It's not my role to tell this boy, this man really, man of god, what to do. He's gonna do what he's gonna do and I'm going to sit there and say, 'I'm with you.' If he asks for advice, I would give it. But that's not my primary role."

Lentz continued, noting that he has no interest in angering Beliebers. "Why would I have a hand in him canceling his tour?" he said. "Why would I want Beliebers mad at me?" Lentz also credited Bieber's recent "good decisions" to the singer's relationship with Mr. Christ, not himself.

Catch the full interview, during which Lentz also confusingly tries to conflate the consensual pornography industry with Harvey Weinstein's recent wave of sexual assault allegations, up top.