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City Fidelia's nomadic moniker couldn't be more fitting when considering his latest EP, City of Lost Angels. While the Montreal-born, Ottawa-raised, Toronto-based artist has always been a bit of a city-hopper, he's set his sights further than Canadian soil for COLA

The EP was produced in its entirety by Japanese producer Ava1anche. City had originally connected with Ava1anche on his first Japanese tour and the two have since built a strong friendship and musical relationship. On a trip to LA, they had 24 hours together and managed to create a four-track EP in that time. "The project is meant to demonstrate the connection of two artists regardless of culture/location," City tells Complex via email. "We did it to give hope to kids in Ottawa and Kanazawa (Ava1anche's home city) hope with this music.​"

City reached another amazing milestone this summer when his track "Lately" (which premiered right here on Complex last year) reached 3 million streams (and counting). Those in the Toronto area can catch City performing at the Drake Underground for The Hustle this Thursday, October 19. The rest of us can stream City of Lost Angles on Spotify now.