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Boosie Badazz’s brother has been cleared of allegedly stealing about $361,000 from the Louisiana rapper.

Back in July, it was reported that Taquari Hatch was arrested on charges of identity theft and fraud after he was accused of posing as Boosie to authorize illegal wire transfers. He was arrested shortly after and was facing serious jail time. That’s no longer the case as a district attorney has refused to file charges against Hatch, TMZ reports.

Boosie cut ties with Hatch immediately after the arrest. The rapper went to social media with a message about the evils of money and his inability to trust anyone.

"Hopefully since the arrest has been made I can finally get my money n move forward," Boosie wrote.          

In April of this year, Boosie posted an Instagram video accusing Mississippi police of stealing $1 million worth of jewelry from him. He claimed the officers pulled over his vehicle, searched it and took a suitcase filled with his belongings. Boosie said he later contacted authorities to get it back and was told they never confiscated the case.

"This shit is big, man. Now these cops are trying to steal a million dollars worth of jewelry," he said in the video.

"[…] Now you want to steal a million worth of jewelry from me. But I’mma fight for mine. It’s on. It’s on. You don’t know who you fucking with."

After the video was posted, the Biloxi Police Department admitted to taking a case full of jewelry from Boosie’s van and claimed the rapper failed to follow the proper instructions on how to get it back.