Ugly God took to Snapchat to post a lengthy self-reflective note on his music and burgeoning career, writing that he wants to move away from the lighter, more humorous tone of his music to tackle more serious subjects. 

"I talked to one of the smartest guys I’ve ever met in my life and he helped me come to my senses. While my 'joke-around' songs are fun to make and turn up to, I’m creating no kind of substance or mark. I just want to bring to light that I am very versitle [sic]…Everything get’s [sic] old and while my humorous songs are enjoyable, I think I should stray away from that for a while to make my mark…"

He continued, "I just feel like I’m on the edge of permanently being taken as a joke and that would be the downfall of my career. There has been too many people that have come and gone and I refuse to be one of them." Scroll down to read Ugly God's message in its entirety.  

Ugly God dropped his debut mixtape The Booty Tape back in August of this year. The ten track project's sole feature comes courtesy of Wiz Khalifa on the song "No Lies." Ugly God, who was selected as one of the 2017 XXL Freshmen, recently released the cover art for his much-anticipated debut album. No word on if the debut project will make the pivot in themes he referenced in his post, or if we'll have to wait a little while longer to hear a new side of Ugly God. 

Fans on social media seemed to be supportive of Ugly God's decision​ to move away from the humorous and lighthearted rap he has become known for. 

Read Ugly God's message in full below. 

Ugly God Serious Music
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Ugly God Message
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Ugly God Serious Music Pt. 3
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