Get ready for your daily dose of cringe.

Early on Tuesday, Tyga decided it’d be a good idea to film himself singing along to a couple of ’90s R&B hits: Donell Jones’ “Where I Wanna Be” and Usher’s “Nice & Slow.” Though many rappers have posted footage of their lighthearted singing attempts, these clips are extremely awkward as Tyga seems to be completely serious. We see him attempt, and completely fail, to hit certain notes before he has a coughing fit. He ends one of the clips with “Shit, I can’t sing.”

Though many fans assumed the 27-year-old artist was just having fun, he later posted a tweet that suggested it wasn’t a joke. In fact, he claims those clips are a taste of his upcoming singing album.

We still have hope that Tyga is trolling us.

Shortly after he “announced” the singing album, Tyga posted another singing video on Instagram; however, this one didn’t sound as bad thanks to the wonders of AutoTune. You can check it out below. 

Tyga is currently promoting his latest release BitchImTheShit2. He’s also gearing up to hit the road for the project’s supporting tour, which kicks off Sept. 22 in NYC and will conclude Nov. 12 in Boston.