When Taylor Swift made her less-than-triumphant return with her new song "Look What You Made Me Do," she sent a clear message through both the lyrics of the song and the accompanying video. Swift is out to settle some old scores and rattle cages, and she's not too concerned about other people being caught in the crossfire.

Her fans appear to be following her lead. The tactics from Swift have only further deepened the divide between her fans and critics, leading to plenty of sparring on social media. And one Twitter user in particular, who previously went by @themoodforluv, took a shot at Swift in late August, openly questioning if Swift would ever give up the beefing and just, you know, move on.

taylor swift burn on twitter
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As you can see from the numbers, that woman's tweet really blew up. And then, things went south when her account was suspended by Twitter for...who really knows?

taylor swift critic
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Confused as to why she had been suspended for no good reason, our subject in question took her fight directly to Twitter's Trust and Safety head Del Harvey, inquiring from an alternative account as to why she had been booted from the website.

And that's when Swift fans decided to step in. After finding out the alternative account belonged to the Swift jokemaker—whose original tweet apparently was still doing numbers despite the account behind it not actually existing anymore—Swift's legion of angry supporters came for our anonymous Twitter user on her second account.

"I had Taylor fans in my mentions for days," the woman behind @themoodforluv told Buzzfeed, "and I'm assuming they're the ones who reported me because that's the only tweet of mine that got 'negative' backlash, even though most people agreed with me."

Despite Twitter constantly insisting that they're working to make the website/app a safer and friendlier place to go, they seem completely unable to discern between real harassment and one of their users making a funny joke to no one in particular. The original tweet in question is 150 percent harmless—it's not sent directly at Swift, nor is it even that mean-spirited—while the type of attacks sent back in response are targeted, unacceptable behavior that Twitter claims it's trying to get rid of.

Not all of Swift's fans have been so nasty, though, and some have even noted how ridiculous the woman's suspension is to begin with. They were joined by other users who couldn't fathom the move, claiming the site's priorities are all messed up.

With literal Nazis roaming these digital streets, it seems impossible that this is the sort of person you'd prioritize removing from your site. But hey, someone had to pay for making fun of Swift, and (GASP!) using the word "ass" in a tweet.