Toronto-based artist TOBi has been rising through the ranks, and recently scored a musical slot in the season 2 finale for Insecure with "Hidden Fences." He looks to build on that buzz with "All Day." The song is produced by Tim Suby—​who has worked closely with Jessie Reyez​—​and finds TOBi​ flexing his melodic vocals over a futuristic backdrop.

"My partner’s mind is preoccupied with the past and future while in the present moment," TOBi said of the narrative behind the record. "I share a similar problem and that’s why I can empathize so well. My goal is to come back to right now and lose ourselves in each other’s mind and body with no regard for anything happening on the outside world. The fire is the passion and the heat of the moment. Why let the present energy fade away by wasting this time worrying?"

TOBi also shared how the song came together. "This is the first song I did when I landed in L.A. The production from Tim Suby was unlike anything I’d gone on before, so I had to approach it differently than I usually do, while still keeping my melodies and rapping style intact. I want you to know that I’m not a rapping-singer, or a singing-rapper. My voice is my sole instrument for now, and I use it to rap or sing depending on the song."

Check out "All Day" below and keep up with TOBi on Twitter and Instagram.