The Flavr Blue return Thursday with the announcement of their sophomore album Blue Dream and also drop off the Jon Jon Augustavo-directed video for "Fetti & Spaghetti." 

Blue Dream is their first project since 2016's Love Note EP and the follow-up to 2012's Pisces. The Seattle-based trio—consisting of Hollis Wong-Wear, Lace Cadence, and Parker Joe—bring their natural flair to "Fetti & Spaghetti" while also sharing stone cold #facts: "it's 2017 and there's Nazis in the White House."

As Wong-Wear explains:

"'Fetti & Spaghetti' started from a late-night spark as we sat back, burned one, and contemplated our upside down world while bumping the undeniable beat that Parker and Lace crafted. I wrote the verses in a half hour. For this record, and for the first time as a band, we used the ref vocals, a.k.a. the vocal tracks we cut the night (early morning) we wrote it. It's our anthem to our modern times, a message that unfortunately has only grown more relevant and resonant since we wrote it this past spring. As the powers that be try to keep us quiet, we're coming with full force back, stunting as we go. We are so thankful that Jon Jon Augustavo was down to collaborate on this visual; it was his brainchild and is a grimy, heartfelt homage to Seattle. We hope people turn up to this one; we all need something to strengthen us rn, so this is our humble submission. Shout-out to pasta and #TakeAKnee. 

Blue Dream is due out Oct. 27. Guests on the project include Jay Park, Cha Cha Malone, VanJess, Sweater Beats, and more. Check out the full tracklist below.

1. Top Down feat. The Last Artful, Dodgr
2. 143
3. Simple Love feat. VanJess
4. Fetti & Spaghetti
5. My Vice feat. ymtk
6. Pick Up (Interlude)
7. Pocket
8. Faded
9. Cuz I Wanna
10. 365 feat. Jay Park & Cha Cha Malone
11. Picture Perfect
12. Live It Up
13. 105 Ride feat. Sweater Beats
14. All On Me