Fox is hitting everyone with its new Who Shot Biggie and Tupac? special this Sunday. The two-hour event, which promises a closer look at the unsolved murders of two of music's most influential artists, is hosted by Ice-T and Soledad O'Brien and will most assuredly set the timeline on fire. Ahead of this weekend's premiere, TMZ dropped an exclusive clip Thursday featuring Suge Knight and some pretty outlandish claims.

"When Pac died, if he really did, you know?" Knight, calling in from jail in L.A. county, tells the hosts in the brief clip. "I mean, when I left that hospital, me and Pac was laughing and joking. So I don't see how somebody can turn from doing well to doing bad." Asked by O'Brien if he was saying he seriously thought 2Pac might still be alive, Knight claimed that was somehow a possibility. "I'm gonna tell you that, with Pac, you never know," he says.

These comments, of course, are a direct contradiction to Knight's previous claims of knowing who killed 2Pac. Back in April, a signed affidavit from attorney Thaddeus Culpepper revealed that Knight thought his ex-wife Sharitha and former Death Row security boss Reggie Wright, Jr. were behind the 1996 killing, adding that they were actually hoping to take down Knight, not 2Pac.

Last month, Knight was indicted for allegedly making death threats against Straight Outta Compton director F. Gary Gray. According to the grand jury indictment documents obtained by TMZ, Knight "threatened to commit a crime which would result in death and great bodily injury" to Gray. The threats were reported a result of Knight's disapproval of his depiction in Gray's blockbuster N.W.A. biopic.