Rihanna has joined the call for Trump, a dumbass, to stop fucking around when it comes to Puerto Rico. In a series of tweets over the past several days, Rihanna has drawn attention to Puerto Rico's Hurricane Maria recovery efforts, specifically Trump's very telling delay in doing a goddamn thing to help.

Though a shipment of supplies recently arrived in Puerto Rico's Port of San Juan, CNN reported Wednesday that the distribution of those supplies had proven extremely difficult. Puerto Rico is currently facing a shortage of truck drivers, low diesel fuel supply, and a mess of blocked highways. As of Wednesday, just 20 percent of truck drivers had been able to return to work.

In her Trump-tagged tweets, Rihanna told the popular vote loser to not "let your people die like this."

Attempting to get Trump's attention on Twitter is a solid idea, as tweeting (and, um, deleting) is essentially the only thing Trump has really done since taking office. Of his 40 tweets since Sept. 25, only seven had anything even remotely to do with Puerto Rico's recovery efforts. Three of those tweets, distastefully, essentially amounted to a bumbling blowhard debt-shaming the region:

Trump has spent far more time in recent days tweeting about our shitty national anthem, NASCAR, and his favorite porn genre colloquially known as "fake news."

Thursday, the Trump team of ogres announced plans to waive the Jones Act for Puerto Rico, which had placed limits on shipping. However, as Lin-Manuel Miranda and others quickly noted on Twitter, the lift will only last for 10 days. "That's not enough," Miranda reminded his nearly two million Twitter followers Thursday morning.