Rihanna has been using parts of her full name—specifically, her last name Fenty—as part of her fashion projects for quite some time now. For example, her Puma collection is called Fenty x Puma.

But the Fenty name reached new heights recently when Rihanna released Fenty Beauty, her highly-anticipated makeup line. Between the highly inclusive nature of the makeup line and how drop-dead gorgeous Rihanna has looked at every single launch of the line, Fenty Beauty has been on the tips of a lot of peoples' tongues for weeks now, especially on social media. But oddly enough, it seems a lot of people only just recently learned that Fenty is actually Rihanna's last name.

Many people mistakenly thought Fenty was just a made-up word, and the entire ordeal sparked some golden social media reactions this week. Some Rihanna fans were shocked to discover that Rihanna's last name is Fenty, while others were quick to call those so-called "fans" out for not knowing the most basic of information about her.

All the noise eventually made its way to Ms. Fenty herself, and on Friday morning, she chimed in with a very Rihanna-like reaction on Instagram.

Captioned, "when people ask how I came up with #FENTY," the IG post features a photo with her giving a fierce semi-eye roll that really does say a thousand words. With a single look, RiRi has responded to the nonsense surrounding the surprise that she has a last name, and it looks like she isn't too happy about any of it.