Fuckery pays. Just ask Ray J. During his appearance on Everyday Struggle Thursday, Ray J—just moments after admitting one can reasonably get "a bunch of checks for the fuckery"—was asked to share his thoughts on being depicted in Kanye West's controversial "Famous" visual.

For Ray, the visual stands as art and shouldn't be extended into some ridiculous beef. "It's all art," Ray J said at around the 35:50 mark in the video up top. "It's all a part of whatever society has allowed us to do and be. You have to accept that and you have to go, damn, was it creative? Yeah. Was it over the top? Yeah. Did I get a check from it? No."

Asked if he had plans on responding further to the VMA-nominated visual, Ray J suggested any potential animosity had been buried. "It's all good, man," Ray J said. "We all did shit. It's all love. At the end of the day, we're all getting money. [Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are] married, they got kids. I'm married, I want to have kids. I think all of the crazy savagery shit that was done, now that whole book is closed and it's put to rest and now we are all doing new things. And the more money that we make and the more kids that we can have, you know? Let's all just smile and get to the money. It feels good."

Last year, Ray J grabbed Chris Brown for an apparent response in the form of his own track called "Famous."

Revisit Kanye West's "Famous," which also features depictions of Amber Rose and the neo-Nazi-sympathizer-in-chief, below: