As our patience begins to run out for the highly anticipated Quavo and Travis Scott joint project, one of the rappers is teasing what they could do together in the form of a remix. During a recent Migos show, the group's DJ bumped Quavo's take on Travis' single “Butterfly Effect,” providing a glimpse into what their collaboration will sound like. And from the crowd reaction, said collaboration will not disappoint. 

“Lil' nigga, who are you? Must be bulletproof/This shit bigger than you/V.I.P. my squad, drop-off all the gang/V.I.P. the lane, V.I.P. the chain,” Quavo raps in his distinct style, which gives the track a different feel from Scott’s original.

The remix itself has not yet been released, so the only version of the song we have is a relatively low-quality recording from the show posted on YouTube, which you can view above. While it doesn’t appear like fans at the show got to hear the entire song, the crowd certainly turned all the way up when they heard the track and watched Migos mouth the words to the song onstage.

When Quavo was asked about the joint project earlier this month, he replied that it would drop "real, real soon." And it doesn’t sound like it’ll be a small project, either: "We've been making a whole bunch of records," Quavo teased. "We got a lot of records together right now. We've probably got like 20 records—we just need to get some time and just sort 'em out."