Over the years, hip-hop producer The Last Skeptik has found himself one of the first choices for UK emcees like Nico Lindsay, Trim, Dream McLean and anyone else whose flow revolves around lyricism and being an outsider. Continuing that theme, and with his new album This Is Where It Gets Good out September 29, Skeptik is back with new a single in "Trouble", and he's brought Kojey Radical and Takura along for the ride. The former, as we all know, is known for his soulful tones and instantly recognisable voice; and the latter an MC more associated with sweaty raves and 200BPM and higher. On "Trouble", however, both artists are forced to switch up their styles to meet in the middle for Skeptik's surprisingly chilled production.

It's a lot more relaxed than some of the head-nodding bangers Skeptik's put out in the past, but it bodes well for what should be well-rounded and eclectic album at the end of the month. Speaking with Complex over email, The Last Skeptik explained that he was "lucky enough to link two of my favourite artists together on some real emotional, cinematic, powerful anthem shit. Takura came up with the hook as soon as he heard the beat, like an hour after I'd made it, and Kojey's an inspirational guy to work with; he wrote his bars and made this a classic."